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Study-Call Student Record Integration

Reception and front office staff can improve their effectiveness through the integration of Study-Call with school management systems e.g. SIMS. Caller information can be presented via their PC screen and allow the pupil’s record to be screen popped. Simple actions such as click and dial from student records is also available.

Study-Call System Integration with SIMS keeps you on target by;

  • Click-to-dial, to avoid mis-dialling errors
  • Preview Caller, which allows you to see the name associated with the Pupil’s record without opening the actual entry
  • Contact Popping, to manually or automatically ‘pop’ the SIMS Contact record
  • Call History record, which allows you to ‘pop’ open the appropriate SIMS Contact record, without the need to enter, or search for, a contact
  • Address Book search, to find a SiMS Contact, without opening or searching via SIMS